IRS Form 2290

If you are a trucker with a heavy vehicle that is 55,000 pounds or more and utilized for 5,000 miles or more, you are subjected to the IRS tax and you must file form 2290 and pay the IRS HVUT. The HVUT tax amount is utilized for the construction and maintenance of road highways. Other terms used to refer IRS 2290 form are Heavy Vehicle Use Tax, HVUT, Highway Vehicle Tax and Truck Tax.

Online Filing of IRS Form 2290

There are 2 ways of filing form 2290 and paying the IRS HVUT. you can visit the IRS office during the working hours or you can file from anywhere anytime when you file form 2290 online. Filing IRS HVUT online is safer, simpler and more secure and using this method, you will receive the stamped Schedule 1 copy within a few minutes of IRS accepting your returns. But when you do paper filing, it will take over 45 days to receive the Schedule 1 copy. This Schedule 1 copy is important since it acts as proof of payment of your IRS HVUT.

IRS Form 2290 and Schedule 1 Copy

IRS authenticates your form 2290 returns and sends an acknowledgment receipt, this is called as Schedule 1 copy. This copy will have the VIN of the truck that you have registered with the IRS. it will also serve as proof that you have paid your IRS HVUT during the auditing process. If you don't submit the Schedule 1 copy, the DMV will not renew your heavy vehicle tags neither will the UCR, IFTA or IRP renew the vehicle registration. Usually, when you file IRS form 2290 online with trusted e-file service providers like 2290form, you will receive your Schedule 1 copy within a few minutes of IRS acceptance. But when you pre-file your IRS HVUT, then you will receive the Schedule 2 copy after the first week of July of that tax year.

Form 2290 Instructions to File Online

Filing 2290 form online is simple, secure and easy. We, at 2290form, have simplified the process to file 2290 form online. These are the steps you need to follow when filing IRS HVUT:

  1. Choose your ‘Business’
  2. Select the ‘Tax Period’ and ‘First Used Month’ of your vehicle
  3. Enter the vehicle information
  4. Make the payment

But if you encounter any issues or difficulties while filing form 2290 online, don’t worry. Our No1 customer support staff can help you resolve any issues you might face when filing IRS form 2290 online. They will provide you simple form 2290 instructions so that you can complete your IRS filing.

Paying Options when Filing IRS Form 2290 Online

While making payment for IRS HVUT, you can choose to make the payment using these methods: debit card, credit card, EFW (Electronic Fund Withdrawal) or EFTPS (Electronic Federal Tax Payment System). After the completion of your payment and the processing of your IRS tax returns, you will receive stamped Schedule 1 copy within a few minutes. You will receive your stamped Schedule 1 copy within a few minutes of IRS acceptance if you choose to file your IRS form 2290 with 2290form. We will also send you free text, fax and email alerts about your tax filings which will allow you to keep up to date on your tax filings. We also offer free VIN correction to correct any errors that may occur when entering your vehicle's VIN number. We will speed up your VIN corrections so you will not be subjected to any penalties from the IRS.